The ILP studio electives run on a rotating basis, offered occasionally. The nature of these courses is meant to engage students in and out of ILP in varied content that relates to the study of illustration and applied arts in general.

Advanced Publishing Workshop
Jaime Zollars
Fall 2011

Advanced Licensing Workshop
Jaime Zollars
Spring 2012

Making Good Ideas
Jason Kernevich
Fall 2012

Markets for Children
Joyce Hesselberth
Fall 2013

The Illustrated Poster
David Plunkert
Spring 2014 

Making Good Ideas
Ed Briant
Fall 2014

Animation for Illustrators
Ru Kuwahata
Spring 2015

Dimensional Storytelling
Megan Jones
Fall 2015

Drawing Non-Fiction
Shreyas R Krishnan
Fall 2016

Grad Remix: Dolphin Studios + Print
Eva Wylie
Fall 2018


Grad Remix: /creating/the.gif
Rebecca Mock
Spring 2019

Drawing Non-Fiction
Laila Milevski
Fall 2019