All students in the Illustration Practice program select a team through which they can contribute to peer learning and research. They may change their team after serving for a minimum of one year.


Gallery Team

The Gallery Team plans, curates, develops and mounts a continuing series of shows for the ILP Gallery. Work for the shows come from program as well as invitational projects and the wall scheme includes a marquee wall that uses typography and writing to frame the show. 


Festivals Team

The Festivals Team researches and organizes the program involvement in festivals and expositions in the Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York area. They also coordinate content production for individual pieces presented on the ILP table, including an annual themed anthology.


Social Media Team

The Social Media Team works to support the cohort and the program by broadcasting events and accomplishments throughout the year. Efforts made by this team are coordinated and selective whether it's an Instagram photo, a well written Tweet, a thoughtful piece of information shared on Facebook, or an up-to-date website.


Little Workshops Team

The Little Workshops Team surveys the cohort for skill sets as well as interests in specific learning. They organize and present optional workshops that can be accomplished in approximately one hour. The goals is to share and expand technical skills and learn a higher level of professionalism by producing exceptionally well crafted work.